Best Running Journal for Reflections

Chasing Twilight, a joy journal for runners, is considered the best running journal for reflections. Whether you are a professional ultramarathoner, a highly competitive amateur, or a slow back-of-the-packer, this journal will help inspire you to set down your own thoughts.

Written by Adam Kimble, Connor Crouch, and Jim O'Brien, this best running journal for reflections will assist runners in logging both physical and mental miles. Chasing Twilight provides personal observations about running from the authors, and gives you space for recording your own experiences in whatever form you like.

This undated, one-year best running journal for reflections is a collection of 193 short essays, poems, and reflections on and around running as a pastime, a profession, and a way of life. Begin your inspirational running journey today with Chasing Twilight.