About Chasing Twilight Running Journal

Chasing Twilight is a running journal for logging for both physical and mental miles. While there are many fine running log books in the market, we were always frustrated at the lack of a journal to inspire runners to record their thoughts and feelings as well as their miles. Chasing Twilight is designed to do that while providing maximum flexibility. In addition to essays and poems to inspire you, the journal is undated so you won't feel guilty about taking a rest day.

The authors of Chasing Twilight are all runners who cover the spectrum in age and ability. Ranging from ages 26-60, the authors include a professional ultramarathoner, a highly competitive amateur with a sub 3-hour Boston marathon and an increasingly slow back of the packer. United by their love of running, their essays and poems will help inspire you to set down your own thoughts.

This one-year running journal is a collection of short essays, poems, and reflections about running as a pastime, a profession, and as a way of life.