About Authors

Adam Kimble

Adam Kimble is a professional ultrarunner, motivational speaker, running coach, race director, and amateur survivalist. Adam played Division I baseball at Bradley University prior to developing his passion for ultrarunning. After graduation, he ran his first ever 5K race near his hometown of Minooka, Illinois in 2009, completed his first half-marathon in 2011, and first ultramarathon (50K) in 2014. He has gone on to run the fastest known time (FKT) on the 171-mile Tahoe Rim Trail (37 hours, 12 minutes and 15 seconds), a sixty-day transcontinental crossing of the USA (2,500 miles), spent sixty days alone in the wilderness to become the winner of Discovery Channel’s The Wheel, and completed a thirty-one-day self-supported FKT across Great Britain.

He lives in Tahoe City, California with his wife, Karen, and his “dog daughter” Sofi.

Connor Crouch

Connor Crouch is an amateur runner who competes in races at distances from 5k to the marathon. Connor’s proudest running accomplishments are his two sub 3-hour marathons including a 2:59 at the 2019 Boston Marathon, where he advanced his lifetime record against Galen Rupp to 1-0.

Connor Crouch is a forest scientist who is currently pursuing his PhD at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Connor obtained an undergraduate degree in journalism, but not before realizing his passion for forestry rivaled his joy for writing. He researches how forest management can help restore forest ecosystems and enable them to adapt to a changing climate. When not looking for insects and mushrooms or camping for field work, Connor enjoys running the trails of Flagstaff, reading science fiction and fantasy, and spending time with his non-runner wife, Lyndsey, and soon-to-be-runner dog, Willow.

Jim O’Brien

Jim OBrien is a long-time runner who has run over 30 marathons and a handful of ultras. Jim's proudest accomplishment was his DNF after 90 miles while attempting to run 100 miles in his neighborhood during the 2020 pandemic where he learned sometimes it's ok to stop running.

Jim O’Brien has worked in senior roles for a variety of asset management organizations, including London-based Henderson Global Investors, where he was a member of the executive committee and oversaw its US business for nine years.

Jim served as a trustee of the Henderson Global Funds board and as president of Henderson Global Funds, and he was a board member of THRE, a $20 billion joint venture between TIAA-CREF and Henderson. Jim also served as a board member of The Olson Company, a California-based homebuilder and is currently the president of Aaron Equipment Company.

Jim enjoys reading, gardening, and ultramarathons as well as spending time with his wife, Michelle, and their children.

Jim is the author of “Now You Will Excuse Me” a book of essays on leadership. You can purchase his book on Amazon here.